25 fun activities for events

25 fun activities for events

Having a party and need ideas to make it a fun one? We have a list of 25 fun activities for events which will totally entertain your guests. Everybody likes having the reputation of a great host. So if you’re planning an event or a party or any type of gathering, contact us! We’ll make sure to help you pick the best entertainment units that you need. Also we aim to bring out smiles and see all guests enjoying to the maximum the event planned by you!

Enjoy your event and make it a fun one that your guests will remember!

We are fully trained and qualified and work to impeccably high standars of practice.

All equipment which appear on this site are owned, insured and maintained by ourselves.

Check out this list of 25 fun activities for events designed to keep your guests entertained:

  1. Inflatable sticky darts
  2. Gladiator duel
  3. 38ft Commercial assault
  4. Nerf shooting
  5. Bouncy castle
  6. Surfing simulator
  7. Rodeo Bull/Sheep
  8. Balloon blasters
  9. Helicopter 360° Full Motion Flight Simulator
  10. Human Escalado
  11. Giant retro Machine
  12. Retro dance machine
  13. Arcade Sega Rally
  14. Magic Mirror
  15. Retro Sweetie Grabber
  16. Giant operation
  17. Driving Motion Simulator
  18. Track Race playseats
  19. Giant Scalextric Race
  20. VR Motorbikes Simulator
  21. Formula 1 VR
  22. 9D VR Mobile Cinema
  23. Walk the plank VR
  24. Beat Saber VR 
  25. Fun 9D VR Pods