9D VR Mobile Cinema

9D VR  Mobile cinema is a new high-tech masterpiece entertainment product after 5D/7D cinema.

9D VR Mobile

9D VR Mobile Cinema uses VR glasses to show you 360-degree movies. When in the motion seats, you will be brought to a totally different and real experience. You can aim at the target with your head and press the bottom in the seats to shoot the target in the movies you see in the glasses.

Wild Dimensions’ virtual reality products offer animated experiences that maximize enjoyment. Our 9D chairs and other simulators represent the most cutting edge advancements in virtual reality technology. With VR flight and racing options, virtual visits to a mixed reality destination, we provide truly unique experiences. Through active motion in luxury seating, 360° vision, wind effects, vibrations and more we offer a genuine virtual action ride like people have never enjoyed before.

It is a combination of virtual reality display and electrical electromagnetic suspension movement platform. It can make players feel like in the game. Like the virtual world of the matrix, compared with special effects theater.

VR display support users interact through a variety of interaction equipment and 3 d virtual reality environment, so it improve users immersive experience.

360 degree visual angle experience, have better sense experience than IAMAX. With VR equipment, your view will deep into the magic world in screen, through to the fictitious world, can experience the happy and stimulation that cannot feel in real world.

9D VR Mobile Cinema has attractive futuristic Space Capsule design. Also motion electric cylinders with smooth multi-directional movements, vibration effects allowing a more exciting experience.

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