9DVR virtual reality

9D VR Mobile!

Now mobile for outside events for any weather. All we need is a 240v 13amp plug connection.

The future of gaming and entertainment... Ideal and accessible in any working environment. We can provide and supply the technology for your ideal setting!

Great Memories - Virtual Reality!

We are really pleased to announce that the pods have now finally landed!

Immerse yourself with our 9D VR pods... This is an experience like no other!

We have state of the art pods, which are a must for any party... They are ideal for any type of corporate event, exhibition or business launch.

With a multitude of 360° interactive games, we have rollercoasters and terrifying horror games to a gentle hang-glider flying experience. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Please call us today on 07958 307228 for price and availability.