Formula 1 VR

Experience real racing thrills and glory with the Formula 1 VR simulator!

Formula 1 VR

Formula 1 VR provides an immersive single user full body virtual reality experience. So this 3/4 sized F1 Simulator was owned and used by Jaguar themselves for events and showrooms.

Formula 1 Simulator has a strong, assertive and advanced appearance. Engineered for performance, it features an improved framework for an authentic F1 car sitting position. This helps create an immersive driving experience, so without compromising on stability, durability and adjustability. The detachable steering wheel helps aid the ease of getting into the realistic sized cockpit and seating position. It also has electronic adjustable pedals. With forced feedback steering and a F1 style steering wheel with paddle shift gear change. This can be setup to automatic for the young drivers.

You have a large selection of cars and tracks to choose from. So you’ll find available for selection from 1960’s Lotuses to today’s modern Ferraris. This also comes with many racetracks from around the world.

The hire includes onsite trained operators at all times to help you get in/out of the car and talk through the controls and tight bends ahead!

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