Inflatable surfing simulator

An inflatable surfing simulator gives people the excitement of catching a wave no matter how far from the ocean they are.

Inflatable surfing simulator

Surfing is a great sport, so why should it be confined to just the water and on the coast? Bring surfing to your event by renting our inflatable surfing simulator and this will be the hit of your party guaranteed.  Especially as everyone watches the imminent wipeout on the imaginary waves!

Inflatable surfing simulator offers an experience on an actual surfboard over an air cushion ocean. So the purpose is to maximize safety in case you take a spill. Skill, agility, coordination, and hip movement win over strength in the challenging event. Operated by our trained staff, our surf simulator is great fun for both surfers and spectators alike.

The lightweight electric motion base offers a very exciting and challenging ride as well. Nobody should be afraid to try this entertainment unit because even falling down on the soft surface it’s fun.

Book our surfing simulator now and enjoy this fun activity! You can hire us for any type of party or event you’re hosting. We bring the fun activities at your events!

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