Retro Sweetie Grabber

Retro Sweetie Grabber

Retro Sweetie Grabber is a forever favourite for all kids at festivals or carnivals. As a child the humble grabber machines were the game of choice and many hours. Wads of cash were spent trying to grab an elusive prize. Now you can bring the magic of the grabber machine to you with one that it’s on free vend. The kids can have as many goes as they possibly want

Our Retro Sweetie Grabber is styled to look exactly like a retro grabber machine.

When you slot a coin in the machine will start playing arcade music and you can use the controls at the front to grab your elusive sweets.

The grabber is timed and you’ll have to try and grab your treats before the music stops and time runs out!

Your kids can enhance their creativity, build fine motor skills, and stimulate narrative play with this super cool playset. A successful attempt will earn prizes! Exercise your child’s sense of accomplishment and control, active thinking, encourage creativity, build fine motor skills, and enjoy unlimited fun!

So do you want to see al the kids at your party thrilled with emotions and having fun? Than you should definetely book this sweetie grabber and let them enjoy it for hours.

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