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The Beat Saber Simulator

The Beat Saber Simulator, arcade action!

The Beat Saber Simulator is fully interactive and engaging experience for people of all ages… This is very a sophisticated, however remarkably ‘light’ piece of equipment, completely adaptative as it absorbs the software-user, or gamer… In a nutshell, this game is a music-rhythm based, ‘almost 1982-2018 Tron’ style in graphics/effects and format. Beat Saber is […]
by Jack N. Williams / 21/07/2021 /In corporate event, event planning

VR world gaming experience!!

This VR world gaming experience is a really cool idea… One of our VR programs provides a roller coaster with eye-twizzling, outdoor ride design experience! With a 360° panoramic full vision, our double chaired 9D VR pods provide an unbelievable, but dynamic realistic motion… Personal or corporate brand exposure can be reprogrammed within any virtual […]
by Jack N. Williams / 08/03/2020 /In charity events, corporate event, event planning