Track Race playseats

This is our great simulator, the Track Race playseats!

Track Race playset


With the Track Race playseats simulator you can take your racing to the highest possible level.

The chair is adjustable for players of all sizes and you can easily control the incline of the seat. You can also control the distance to the pedals and steering wheel as well as the angle of the screen! The seat is made from the highest quality materials, with an amended seat back that allows the best racing. Built around a real racing position, to provide maximum resemblance with real life racing. Professional drivers acknowledge the unique quality of it and have confirmed that it faithfully reproduces the feeling of driving a real race car!

The hire includes trained operators at all times to get you in and out of the car and talk you through the controls and tight bends ahead.

It also comes with many cars and tracks to choose from, MK1, Escorts to Bugatti, and tracks from Nürburgring to Brands Hat.

So do you want to feel like you are seating in a hyper car? If you are ready for next level racing, book our Track Race playseats!

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