VR Motorbikes Simulator

VR Motorbykes Simulator

VR Motorbikes Simulator is an entertainment unit that aims to give users an immersive motorcycle experience.

Have you been to an arcade game centre? All kids love videogames and especially the ones which allow you to climb onto a model motorcycle and get right into the action.

Vehicle simulators have been around for quite some time, from the basic driving simulators used in a lot of driving testing centres to check a new driver’s awareness of hazards and signage, to the high-grade flight simulators used by commercial and military aircraft pilots.

Simulating motorcycles comes with its own set of unique challenges. Since the action of riding a motorcycle is far more of a physical experience that driving a car. Also since shifting the centre of balance and ‘counter-steering’ are both things that are required for riding a motorcycle. Because of these reasons and many more, it’s not easy to replicate riding a motorbike with a standard simulator.

Our VR Motorbikes Simulator  is now available to hire and can be branded to suit your company if required. So keep your guests entertained and in a good mood by booking our motorcycles!

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