Walk The Plank

Our Walk the plank entertainment game is a virtual reality experience that supports the thrill and fear of walking on a narrow plank...


285 meters above your favourite city.

For all those IT junkies, this is major performance entertainment not to be missed.

You can immerse yourselfin a variety of 3D environments.

You can build up your confidence before steadily moving towards something more dangerous!

There are certain stages and levels to mark your success. Remember, falling off the plank means game over.

This is a great way to conquer your fear of heights. It's therapeutic, but yet provides a unique challenge for people of all ages.

Make your way to the end of the wooden beam. You will be hindered by wind, or high-flying birds, and many other unexpected obstacles.

Who knows what will wait for you once you reach the other side.

This Morning, Holly & Phil

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The Plank.