VR world gaming experience!!

This VR world gaming experience is a really cool idea…

One of our VR programs provides a roller coaster with eye-twizzling, outdoor ride design experience!

With a 360° panoramic full vision, our double chaired 9D VR pods provide an unbelievable, but dynamic realistic motion…

Personal or corporate brand exposure can be reprogrammed within any virtual world.

VR world gaming

The simulators supply installed arcade, family eccentric, entertainment centres…

You can rally the shopping malls, amusement parks, museums, and aquariums of UK’s finest. Then bop your night away to the swing of 70s/80s/90s culture classics!

The VR world gaming systems provide a perfect introduction (ideal learning workshops) for arcade and retail environment. Tailored packages offer a range of opportunity for business time management events. Imposed time restriction can be applied.

View our 9D VR PODS HERE!

9D virtual simulation is increasingly popular with the advancing technologies, and it is now more prevalent than ever within the arcade and retail industries. Customers no longer have to visit a theme park to get that thrilling ride… Now it’s possible to feel the same experience at a fraction of a cost at a more convenient location.

VR world gaming

Star Attractions provides you with the opportunity of selecting the program you feel most comfortable, before climbing inside one of the pods. You secure the headset to your face and the chair will start moving… There are loads of rotating combinations and interesting effects!

With visual props and machinery, we can convince any user that you’re on a mission from Mars! There are built in fans/tilting structures and rotating mechanisms to make you feel like you are really in space.

The combined effect of the headsets, means the user is immersed into a realistic, but simulated VR gaming experience. GREAT MINDSETS FANTASTIC ADVENTURE!


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